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Each week, The Times asks the bloggers who cover opposing teams to break down the coming game for the Jets — cheap jerseys from china in 100 words or less. (Give or take a few rants.) In this edition, we examine the Jets’ game against the Chargers on Monday night (8:30 p.m. Eastern on ESPN).

Chargers fans, if our guests this week can be any guide, are undeterred by their team’s 0-2 start. And maybe that is because the Chargers seem to be less a struggling team and more a victim of a league-wide conspiracy. How else do you explain the mysterious rebirth of Jake Delhomme or the blind integrity of Ed Hochuli? Now they match up against one of the league’s original Golden Boys, Brett jerseys cheap Who’s more used to a glare than a team from California?

I have been asked to provide a question about this week’s nfl jerseys cheap game between the Chargers and the Jets. In a nutshell it is: Can the reeling Chargers ground Brett’s Jets? Before the start of the season, the answer from myself or most fans would have been yes… After the Chargers played two games without any spark on defense, I am not so sure. I throw in on top of things that Favre is a Charger killer. The guy has never lost to the Chargers. But that was then, and this is now. Chargers have one of the top five offenses in the league and can score a lot of points. nfl jerseys cheap It should be an exciting game. Chargers 31-27.

Ross Warner has been following the Chargers since his childhood in Chappaqua and chronicling their exploits on Justice Is Coming since 1995. Curtis Egan, a k a Concudan, writes for, a member of the Fan2Fan alliance. Mr. Egan is a true-blue Chargers fan.

Philip Rivers is 15-2 at home. nfl nike jerseys china And the New York media (hounds!) nfl jerseys cheap are already nipping at Jets Coach Eric Mangini’s heels for not passing enough. Is Favre to the end of his playbook yet? cheap jerseys from china Not until he finishes July’s Field and Stream. Chargers, 31-21.

Even with all the injuries, the Bolts know they won’t nfl jerseys cheap have forever to capitalize on the team that General Manager A. J. Smith has assembled. Even with LaDainian Tomlinson fighting a new toe injury and Antonio Gates trying to deal with an old one, the offense hasn’t missed a beat. Philip Rivers has been brilliant. However, the main reason the Chargers have started the season at 0-2 is their defensive woes. Even with the poor officiating in Denver, the Bolts were unable to stop two consecutive passes that would have given them the win. The season opener against Carolina ended the same way. I think that this is the week the Bolts step up. Chargers, 30-14.

The Chargers are without Shawne Merriman for the season, inside linebacker Stephen Cooper for two more games and there have been two last second collapses in the first two weeks,cheap jerseys from china will the Jets offense be able to victimize this Charger defense? While the Chargers defense has brought new meaning to the word malleable, and is unquestionably reeling, the Jets’ offense is just the thing to turn around this unit. Based on his indifferent performance against the Patriots, Brett Favre appears not to have clicked with his receivers, and despite a savage mauling by Denver, the Bolts’ secondary oozes jerseys cheap If the Chargers get ahead, New York will have to throw; and the Jets don’t nfl nike jerseys china appear to have enough quality targets to overwhelm the secondary. Chargers, jerseys

Rich Campbell is a life-long San Diegan who has covered the Chargers and Padres for Most Valuable Network at since 2004. You can find him at Chargers Confidential. Brian Blakistone writes the Chargers blog Bolts from the Blue on the SportsBlogs Nation Web site.

With the Chargers 0-2, nfl nike jerseys china why do the Jets still need to view this game as a nfl jerseys cheap challenge? On defense, Jamal Williams continues to improve,cheap jerseys from china linebacker Tim Dobbins is starting to make a name for himself and Antonio Cromartie is too big a talent to not expect a rebound from last week’s horrible game. Brett Favre is notorious for taking chances, and that’s a dangerous combination for New York. cheap jerseys On offense, the Chargers get the Pro Bowler Marcus McNeil back to protect Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson is healing and Antonio Gates didn’t nfl jerseys cheap miss a practice for the first time this nike jerseys china

Without Lights Out sidelined, the Chargers haven’t been able to generate any significant pass rush. nfl nike jerseys china Unless the team turns it around quickly, they’ll lose the division to the resurgent Denver Broncos. Philip Rivers has played well, but they can’t expect to outscore everyone each week. Can the Chargers generate enough pressure on Farve to ground the Jets’ air attack? My guess is no… but luckily for the Bolts, Favre is still learning the system and simply doesn’t have the offensive weapons to match up with San Diego. San Diego 31, jerseys

John Woods is not a guest blogger. nfl nike jerseys china He is a staff editor for The New York Times,cheap jerseys a regular contributor to The Fifth Down and the guy who put this post together. The closest he has ever been to San Diego (and, err, California) was when he went camping near Gunnison, Colo. cheap jerseys from china The Chargers’ backs are against the wall. Don’t forget, it wasn’t just Ed Hochuli. Replay equipment mysteriously not working cost them in the first quarter. cheap jerseys The Bolts feel they defeated the Broncos by two touchdowns. That will only increase their motivation for Monday night. Chargers, 35-24.

This is the time to say things like cheap jerseys “Brett Favre has never lost to the Chargers,” and “Favre always saves his best for jerseys from china ” It’s true: You can never rule Favre out. (If the Chargers don’t win, though, you can probably rule them out — in the Super Bowl era, only five teams have made the playoffs after an 0-3 start.) However, I say that belly buttons in San Diego can start unpuckering. The Chargers have rung up 62 points so far.

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